Perhaps the Canadian pharmaceutical companies that sell drugs online, there will be serious problems. The fact that the government intends to reduce the sale of medicines prescribed to patients from the United States. Last year Canadian stores sell drugs to Americans in the amount of $ 1 billion. Americans favorably to order medicines in the Canadian pharmacies because the neighbors to the north offer good discounts. But now the Canadian government fears that the country be a shortage of medicines, and they rise prices. Therefore, Canada has decided to curtail pharmaceutical virtual business. Last year, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) has warned that the country's online pharmaceutical companies face a crisis. Its cause may be restrictions on the sale of drugs that impose American manufacturers. Approximately one million Americans annually buys drugs in Canada, where they are half the price. Competition has led to the fact that Canadian companies have rapidly spread. Large companies complain that they lose money. While the Government of Canada is going to publish its plans, online stores also think how to act, if it is decided to have an unpleasant decision. Most likely, their attention will be directed to other markets, such as Europe, and especially England.